February Dinner with Naomi Goldapple – Maman, Bebe et Cafe

March 4th, 2009

Our February Girl Geek Dinner took us all the way to the wilds of NDG where you’ll find Maman, bebe et cafe  - a vibrant location catering to families with small children.

Naomi Goldapple, “founderess” and President welcomed us to her cafe and warmed us up with a great selection of healthy, homemade dishes provided by neighborhood suppliers. The atmosphere was cozy as we listened to Naomi’s story of how she came up with the idea of creating a destination for families to grow both together and with others by playing, learning and relaxing in a friendly and open location.

Rather than the traditional sit & dine session, we were treated to a real-world demonstration of how interconnected the various suppliers are as Naomi walked us through the various products and services available at Maman, bebe et cafe.

Classes include Infant CPR, baby salsa, art classes and a mini-spa for parents to take a breather while their children remain nearby. Many of the people who provide courses are those who have decided to do so as a way to be with their children and then extended this to others seeking the same opportunity.

Naomi gave us a tour of the boutique and shared stories of the many suppliers who developed products to serve a need that they felt wasn’t being met on the market. The store offers a large selection of items from baby wraps, educational toys, biodegradable diapers, eco-friendly storage containers and diaper bags. (To check out their online shop click here)

I want to provide you with a list of all of the suppliers that Naomi works with to allow you to see how robust her network of family-oriented businesses is.

Home based businesses:

Food suppliers:


Dad based

Consumer goods



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