Recap : March Montreal Girl Geek Dinner – SEO strategies with A.C. Riley and Kathryn Presner

April 23rd, 2009

Our March Montreal Girl Geek Dinner was a huge success. So huge that we completely overran the restaurant on 2 floors and our speakers gave 2 sessions in order to accommodate everyone.

Yeah. Holy guacamole is right!

Kathryn Presner and A. Charlotte Riley gave an exceptional presentation on search engineoptimization (SEO) and took us through the strategy and science behind creating effective content, design and linking techniques. The presentation was lively and punctuated with many useful tips that all could use, regardless of their web-skills.

The ladies covered both the personal and professional elements of websites by discussing blogging techniques as well as the “Deadly Web Site Sins That Can Kill Your Business” and took attendees through the various myths circulating around the mysteries surrounding SEO.

Several websites were reviewed and evaluated so that participants could see some excellent real-world examples and at the end of the event, one lucky participant had received a free one on one site evaluation.

Major thanks go out to A. Charlotte Riley and Kathryn Presner for providing our group with so much information, resources and helpful advice. It’s easy to see that you are serious about SEO and web design and your passion came through clearly.

Thanks go to Burritovillewho provided us with the space for our event and who went above and beyond in feeding a

large gaggle of geeks. The restaurant, food and staff are all top notch. (Who here is craving their sweet potato burrito?)

If you weren’t lucky enough to make it, we suggest you head over to Burritoville, grab some takeout veggie Mexi grub and view some of the resources available at . Well it’s almost like being there.


Photos of the event can be found via the fabulous Simon Law’s flickr set.

Plans are underway for a May Dinner and we’ll keep you posted on more details as we have them.

Things are heating up for the Montreal Girl Geek Dinner Group. We’re thrilled that you are all a part of this & welcome any suggestions, help & comments you have for us.

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