Recap : June Dinner with Christine Renaud, CEO and Co-founder of E-180

July 14th, 2009

June’s dinner brought together two of our favourite things – beer and a great speaker. We were fortunate to have Christine Renaud, CEO and cofounder of E180 to spend some time with us describing her company which is a local startup concentrated on alternative educational models within the community at large.

Christine gave a personal account of her life’s journey and how she became socially aware at a young age. By seeing the ageism that was present in many communities she lived in and recognizing the obstacles that many in society face in obtaining a quality education, Christine was inspired to develop a company which sought to break these boundaries and hold the promise of helping to deliver inspiration and education to all.

The session was very engaging and encouraged audience participation. Attendees were given the opportunity to pose questions, brainstorm on the project and offer up their advice on the topic of social entrepreneurship and it was great to have the chance to collaborate with others in the group on how E180 could grow and expand.

Thanks to all those who came out to the event and sorry to those who couldn’t make it.

The Girl Geeks experimented a bit this time around and collaborated with the fine folks at Startup Drinks as a means to bring two local community groups together and I think it was a great success. Thanks to the Startup Drinks crew and to Brutopia for providing a warm and welcoming environment.

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