March Montreal Girl Geek Dinner – We love Ada Lovelace!

March 5th, 2010

How did you end up being a woman in tech? Did you meet a woman who inspired you, who became your role model, or mentor? Come and share your story about your heroine at March Girl Geek’s Dinner on March 23rd at Brutopia, where we’ll have an informal, and intimate, round-table discussion in celebration of Ada Lovelace Day, an international day of blogging (videologging, podcasting, comic drawing etc) drawing attention to the achievements of women in technology and science.
This event will be “unconference-styled” meaning ladies have 3-4 minutes to share their stories. Get to know the other girl geeks in the Montreal community. Network. Learn about someone new.

Ada Lovelace is the matron saint of girl geeks everywhere and was one of the world’s first computer programmers, and saw computers as more than just a machine for doing sums. She wrote programmes for Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, a general-purpose computing machine.

If you’re so inspired, take the pledge to publish something for Ada Lovelace day, Tuesday the 24th about a woman in technology that you admire.

Montreal Girl Geek Dinner event details:
Date: Tuesday March 23, 2010
Time: 6-8pm (roughly)
Location: Brutopia – 1219 Crescent St (lower floor)
Save your space and RSVP via Eventbrite

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