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May Recap: Acoustics Unplugged

May 29th, 2011

Last Tuesday, the Montreal Girl Geeks gathered at Station-C to learn about acoustics and the science behind the sounds that fill our everyday lives, presented by fellow girl geek Rebecca Reich.

In her talk Acoustics Unplugged, Rebecca covered the basic physics (and even the not so basics), of sound and led us on an auditory journey of how sounds travels over the air and into our ears. She also touched on everyday sound situations: from talking on your phone, listening to your iPod, noise at the office, driving in your car, and even what to expect from your hearing as you and you age.  Rebecca also gave the Geeks a sampling of different audio that had been filtered with low and high quality frequencies, demonstrating the quality of various listening devices. She also explained the real reason why we sound so good while singing in the shower ;)

For those that stuck around after the talk, the Geeks headed over to Burger de Ville and pretty much took over the restaurant! Burgers, FTW!

Rebecca’s Slides from the event

Rebecca’s Recommendations

Our Hosts

Special thanks to Station C for accommodating our group, as usual the space was a hit! If you’re curious about coworking, and potentially working from Station C, please contact Patrick [AT]

Photos from the Event

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