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Tracking the Montreal Women in Tech Debate

June 9th, 2011

Oh wow there’s been a lot to read and talk about recently! If you’ve been following along, great! If you’ve been out of the loop, here’s a list of articles covering the recently refreshed debate on gender-bias (or “subtle sexism” as it’s been dubbed) in Montreal’s tech community. We think it’s an important topic (obviously) so please chime in with your thoughts, because we know you’ve got plenty of them. Be sure to check the lively discussion in the comments of each too, plenty of food for thought.

June 2nd: GrowLab & FounderFuel Launch by David Crow at Startup North

June 3rd: Women can do anything! by Leila Boujnane on Hyperbio

*insert many tweets on the subject*

June 3rd: We Stuffed up! by Ian Jeffrey on FounderFuel

June 3rd: Call for mentors by Ian Jeffrey on FounderFuel

June 3rd: We need grannies, says Startup fest organizer by Jason Madger on The Montreal Gazette Business Section

June 3rd: How can we change the gender imbalance in the startup community? posted on Quora by Shannon Smith

June 4th: New financing fund seeks ‘really, really smart people’ by Jason Magder on the Montreal Gazette, Business Section

June 4th: Not so subtle discrimination in the startup community by Shannon Smith on Feministing (later picked up by here on June 9th)

June 8th: Does Montreal’s tech community exclude women? by Jason Madger on The Montreal Gazette, Blog (updated due to inaccuracies on June 9th)

June 9th: It’s a great time to be a Female Entrepreneur in Canada by Rob Lewis on TechVibes

If you spot something we’ve missed let us know in the comments, we’ll be updating as this unfolds.


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