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June Recap: Crowd Funding

July 8th, 2011

Our last event before summer-break went out on a high with a sell-out crowd and a moving and emotional presentation by singer-songwriter Angie Arsenault.

Angie took Montreal Girl Geeks through her awe-inspiring journey as an artist, becoming the first Canadian to produce a crowd-funded album through Sellaband.  To date, she has raised over $65,000 online for two of her projects directly from her fans.

Through her accomplishments she demonstrated the power of community and how her believers (Sellaband investors) from all over the world were able to fund and fuel her dreams. She remarked that it was when she took an active role and started giving back to the community that she really began reaping rewards.

She shared her realization that she is truly a geek;  through her use of many social networking platforms, the online music courses she teaches and in ending her presentation by playing out a few tunes on her iPhone.

The geeks were also treated to a special treat: our very first swag! Angie brought copies of her latest album for the entire audience. If you missed it, you can download her free digital EP ‘Shadow Revelations’ here.

Thank-you for an awesome, inspiring presentation, Angie!

After her talk, many of the geeks headed out for a beautiful sunset walk to Brasseurs de Montréal for food, drinks and networking.

Thanks to everyone who came out for our last talk this season, we’ve got some exciting updates in the works so stay tuned for news before we start up again in September!

Angie’s Slides from the event

Our Hosts

Special thanks to RPM Montreal for graciously hosting us and supporting the Montreal Girl Geeks!

Photos from the Event

Thank you to Ian Woo for the amazing photography! You can also see more of his pics on our Montreal Girl Geeks Facebook Page.

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