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Montreal GG’s in the News – July 2011

July 26th, 2011

Celebrating the achievements of our rock star members, here is our fifth issue of Montreal Girl Geeks in the News!

Check out all of the high praises and press highlighting the accomplishments of these great women:

Aimee Davison

Aimee, who is doing 100 jobs for $100 was interviewed by HuffingtonPost about her recent purchase of James Franco’s non-visible art for $10000. What did she buy? She bought a piece called ‘Fresh Air’. She was also interviewed on CBC radio where she explains why she made the purchase.


Julie Matlin

Julie, Mommy Blogger and Social Media Strategist for the NFB was interviewed in the Montreal Gazette about the privacy issues bloggers wrestle with when it comes to their families.


Kavita Ajwani

Kavita, founder of Taskhire, was interviewed in the Montreal Gazette and asked what she thought about being one of the few women in the startup scene.  Her response “Jumping into this, I was kind of oblivious to the fact it was a male-dominated area, but then I went to my first event for the startup community and realized I was one of the only girls there,”. “I have found everyone to be really helpful. I could not have got as far as I did without the help from people in Montreal.”


Liesl Barrell

Fellow Girl Geek organizer and Account Manager at digital marketing agency Twist Image, Liesl was recently interviewed in the Montreal Gazette and asked to weigh in on why more women aren’t entering the tech world and what should be done.


Sherri McGurnaghan

Sherri, director of OpenFace’s voice-over-ip services was also interviewed in the Montreal Gazette and shared her experience being a ‘woman in tech’.


Shannon Smith

Shannon, spoke at the Social Capital Conference in Ottawa on July 23 on a panel about ‘Social Media and Social Change’. Shannon “caused ripples all over the world in January when she tweeted after she was asked to leave a children’s clothing store for breastfeeding.” She tells the Ottawa Citizen, that it all started with one tweet and it snowballed from there. You can read more on her blog, Breast for the Weary.


Tara Hunt

Tara was recently named by the HuffingtonPost Readers Pick as one of the 27 best women to follow on Twitter. So if you aren’t following @missrogue yet, check her out and the rest of the list, too!


If we’ve missed anything, don’t be shy, we’d love if you would let us know by leaving a comment below!


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