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October: Public Speaking Workshop

October 3rd, 2011

Say YES to that next presentation and get the recognition you deserve.

Indeed, American Rhetoric’s list of Top 100 Speeches of the last 100 years includes only 23 by women. It’s no secret that men speak at events and conferences more often than women do. Why is that? It’s certainly not because there aren’t enough qualified, brilliant, dynamic women in their chosen fields. Yet all too often, women are totally underrepresented as speakers, and as a result, miss out on opportunities for their skills and knowledge to be recognized (and rewarded) by larger audiences. It’s time for that to change.


We’re happy to officially announce the Montreal Girl Geeks Public Speaking Workshop!

Speaking in front of an audience is arguably the best marketing and personal branding tool you have in your arsenal. As an entrepreneur, business professional, artist or student, a compelling and persuasive presentation can propel your career and your reputation exponentially higher than a great website, social media strategy or PowerPoint presentation.

The interactive workshop will provide concrete steps to introduce the public speaking skills you need to create and deliver that presentation that could change your career.

Over the course of 3 hours you will learn:

1. How to structure content for maximum impact
2. Delivery styles that will help you connect with your audience
3. How to control public speaking jitters
4. Principles of persuasive speaking
5. How to recognize and avoid the most common bad speaking habits


Our Coach, Suzannah Baum

We’re excited to welcome Suzannah Baum back to the Montreal Girl Geek circut, some of you may remember her talk back in June 2010. This time though she’ll be giving us a practical 3 hour hands-on workshop!

Suzannah Baum is a public speaking and presentation skills trainer, speaker, and coach. As President of Ideal Communications, Suzannah teaches public speaking classes at McGill University, gives presentation skills seminars at companies across Montreal, and provides executive speech coaching to help her clients unleash their ultimate public speaking potential. Past clients include Merck, Colas Canada, Tyco Healthcare, YES Montreal, and others. An executive member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and Toastmasters, she has been published numerous articles about public speaking in various online publications. For more information, visit her website


So, what is it exactly that you’re waiting for?

Think of who might be in your next audience: Your next perfect client? A journalist who will write about you in their feature story? The [insert amazing opportunity here] that you’ve been waiting for?

Full Details

When: Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 from 1pm to 4pm (incl 15 min break)
Location: Notman House, 51 sherbrooke west in Montreal (see map)
Price: $10 (sorry, no refunds)
(Includes transaction fees and snacks. Note that Suzannah’s speaking fee and room rental are generously covered by our sponsor)
: Are limited to 40 people! Reserve your spot

This event is proudly sponsored by TELUS Shared Hosting

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