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March Recap: Finding Entrepreneurial Freedom

April 23rd, 2012

It was a beautiful early evening in March and over 50 eager girl geeks filed into BDO Canada‘s sunny conference room to hear Anna Goodson talk about her journey towards finding entrepreneurial freedom.

Anna GoodsonThe next hour and a half or two were filled with insightful and inspiring anecdotes and lessons from her life. She talked about her enterprising childhood, where she earned money through babysitting and other chores, even by singing Christmas carols (Anna being Jewish this got a hearty laugh from the crowd!) Her relationship with her supportive-but-bootstrappy father, who encouraged her to make her own way in life by signing small loans that she always returned.  Embarking on and eventually leaving a promising career in advertising that was inspired by then hit TV show thirtysomething  now seems more like Mad Men in retrospect.

By the time Anna moved on to the years she spent starting her own company, Anna Goodson Management, her contagious, lifelong passion for business was clear to all of us. There were ~3 years of struggle, best summarized in the slide where she pictured her parents’ support of soup cans and toilet paper, but ultimately Anna triumphed over adversity: building what is now one of the top artist management companies in the world. This was brought home by her re-enactment of a call with Prince (yes, the-artist-formerly-and-once-again-known-as) where she negotiated a princely sum (pun intended) for one of her artist’s to produce work for him. A quick call to the artist in  Argentina and both he and his mother were in tears over the career-breaking opportunity.

But perhaps the two moments of Anna’s presentation that resonated most with the audience were her blue ball of anxiety (so many raised their hands to say they know the feeling!) and her final slide, a picture of her nursing in her home office while on the phone working: enjoying the freedom she set out to create for herself when she started her wild entrepreneurial ride 16 years ago!

Find Anna on Twitter @AnnaGoodsson and @SWOMontreal and on Startup Women of Montreal’s new Facebook Page :)

Anna’s Slides

Our Generous Host

A huge thank you to BDO Canada for being a generous host, and on such a beautiful day to boot!

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