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October Recap: The Art of Visual Storytelling

November 27th, 2012


JC Little brought the MTLGG Fall semester to life with her presentation: The Art of Visual Storytelling. Held on October 29th at BDO (bringing generosity to a whole new level!), JC walked us through her creative processes.

 We learned about the exhaustive work she puts into each animation, when inspiration hits her without warning and won’t loosen its grip until it has been embodied in the hundreds of images it takes to create one short video.

 Through her enhanced stick figures she brings line to life in her hilarious, often touching, sometimes even educational, animations. The simplicity of JC’s drawings makes her art unintimidating and accessible to all, which is so important to her.






At home JC loves her Wacom pen tablet, it allows her creativity to flow freely and smoothly from her body onto the screen.  On the move, her iPad together with the Paper app by 53, give her the freedom and flexibility she needs to create her toons.

As a recovering ‘YESaholic’, JC works hard to resist every request of “DRAW ME!” That didn’t stop her immortalizing the Montreal Girl Geeks! TOON swag alert!


JC Little encourages everyone to draw and not to be afraid. After all, cartoons are just lines and dots!

Follow JC Little on Twitter @LittleAnimation and don’t forget about @MTLGirlGeeks. A selection of tweets from the event are below:














With thanks to our incredible host BDO and our very generous sponsor, TELUS SHARED HOSTING.



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