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Confoo: Web Development Conference

February 24th, 2013

What is ConFoo?

It’s one hour presentations by experts over the course of 3 days from February 25th-March 1st 2013. They share their knowledge so that developers become better, more productive and discover new technologies.

It’s also a place to network. Come meet clients, partners and skilled developers.

Who is Presenting?

Our 100 speakers have much experience in the enterprise. They come from all corners of the world.

They are book authors, builders of popular software and work in companies such as GitHub, Mozilla, Microsoft, PayPal and Facebook.

What are the Topics?

There is backend developement with PHP, Ruby, Python, .NET and Java. There is also frontend development with CSS3, HTML5, Javascript and Mobile. Let’s not forget databases, web security, performance, US, e-Commerce andproject management.

Activities Open to the Public!

Even if you don’t buy a ConFoo ticket, we have a few things for you. Full schedule online

Monday and Tuesday, don’t miss the hackathon. Learn to build mobile Windows 8 apps and get a chance to win an Xbox or a Surface.

Wednesday, watch a free presentation by the Austrian Klaus Enzenhofer from Compuware. He will share how he solved performance problems that cost money and had an impact on the company’s reputation.

Thursday, meet Montreal’s web communities. It’s a unique chance to network with conference speakers and developers. Entrance is free!

Don’t wait to register because tickets sell fast!


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