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Font Swoon with Sara Cannon

April 18th, 2013

Times New Roman. Helvetica. Comic Sans. We’ve all got fonts we love to use or love to hate. Typography is one of those topics that’s easy to overlook, but when you bring it up, everyone has an opinion. Sara’s talk is not just for designers spending hours debating on the slant of a curly-quote or the perfect sans serif – it’s for anyone who’s ever typed, read, or even just stared at the screen or page. Because typography is essential to how we read, consume, convey, and process the written word and it’s BFF, design.


Let’s take our relationship with web typography to the next level and crush on the latest fonts, check out some awesome CSS3 implementations, and find incredible inspiration for interaction, refinement and our next dates with negative space. Come fall head over heels with us at Font Swoon!

About Sara

Sara Cannon has a passion for art, design, and typography. She is Partner and Creative Director for Range – A design and development agency specializing in WordPress.

Sara calls Birmingham, Alabama home, but loves to travel. Currently, she’s been enjoying an extended stay in Montreal. Sara is always swooning over fonts, open source, and WordPress. You can find her on twitter @saracannon or on her blog

“Life is short, art is long, typography is everything, code is poetry.” Hear hear!


Event Details


When: Thursday, April 25th at 6:30pm
Location: Google Montreal 1253 McGill College Ave  #150

Tickets: Free!

Mingling Destination: TBA

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