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Made in China: Intro to Manufacturing with Amanda Williams

May 21st, 2013


Ever wonder what it really means when you read “Made in China” on the label of a piece of consumer technology?


What’s behind the scenes in the manufacture of the Makerbot, Roomba, Furby, Nerf Guns, Walmart signs, LEDs, Arduino clones, and mobile phones?

Fresh out of a hardware startup accelerator in Shenzhen, Amanda will share some of her experiences (and pictures!) of the megamarkets for electronic components, visits to factories large and small, and the grueling, rewarding process of designing and developing a manufacturable tech product.

What makes a device hard or easy, cheap or expensive to manufacture? How can you tell the difference between a good factory and a bad one? What can China offer to small startups, and what are we better off tackling at home? Join us to find out!

About Amanda:



Amanda Williams is a co-founder of Fabule Fabrications and recently launched a Kickstarter project for Clyde: An Expressive Lamp for Creative Homes.

Amanda is in charge of creating beautiful interactions and hardware at Fabule. She has a PhD in Information and Computer Sciences and has worked at Xerox PARC, Adobe, Intel, and Microsoft Research. She has been accused of eating like a trucker.


Event Details:

When: Friday 31st May at 6:30 PM 

Location:  Station C, 5605, de Gaspé – espace 204 (see map)

Tickets: Free!

Mingling Destination: TBC

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