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September: 10 Golden Usability Heuristics with Elida Arrizza

September 23rd, 2014


A great User Experience (UX) is key to user delight and a positive attitude toward a brand. We’ve all had that moment when we’ve experienced frustration at doing or getting something online, but may have trouble understanding or communicating why.

A core element of UX is Usability, which focuses on whether or not a given task can be accomplished on a website, helping to rid us of any of those frustrations. This presentation will provide you with a basic understanding of the language and purpose of usability, as well as an overview of tools and techniques to improve your site’s usability by examining the 10 golden heuristics. This talk is ideal for designers, UX professionals, developers and anyone who wants to know more about how users think and what we can do to make things easier for our audience.

elida_arrizza2014About Elida

Elida is an UX Designer at Sid Lee. It all began in the mid 80s with the advent of the Toshiba T3100. Right there she decided computer art would be her future. She remains true to that early decision by pursuing expertise in digital media, design, programming, commercial photography and fine arts. Sadly, these endeavours have brought upon a tragic curse. She cannot help but think about how to optimizing experiences at all hours of the day and night. Elida loves to share geeky knowledge by teaching design and web technology courses at local colleges and speaking at WordCamps and instructing at Ladies Learning Code. Connect with her on Twitter @elida_ca

Event Details:

When: Tuesday, September 30th at 6:30pm
WhereRPM Montreal, 420 Guy – Station Georges-Vanier (Map)
Price: FREE!

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