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Looking Back to Move Forward: Building the Modern Web with Rachel Andrew

February 16th, 2016

Rachel has been building websites for a very long time and has had a keen interest in web standards, accessibility and the open web for almost as long.

In her presentation she’ll show us some of the ways our past informs our present, and drives our future… How regular web designers and developers have shaped the web we have today, and why it is so important that we continue to contribute. We’ll take a look at some of the interesting things becoming possible, and Rachel will explain how everyone can be involved in building the modern web.

Join us for a fascinating trip through The Internetz: past, present, and future with one of our most memorable speaker alums, back in town from the UK!

About Rachel

Rachel Andrew is a web developer and Director of, a UK web development consultancy and creators of the small content management system, Perch.

Rachel is the author of a number of web design and development books. When not writing code, writing about business and technology on her blog or speaking at conferences, you will usually find Rachel out running the roads and trails of south-east England.


Event Details

When: Tuesday, February 23, doors at 6:30pm

Where: Centre Montreal, 420 Guy – Station Lucien L’allier (Map)
Price: FREE!

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