I’d like to speak at a MTLGG event, how do I apply?

Go to our Suggest A Speaker page and fill out the form!

How much do MTLGG events cost?

0′s and 1′s, but mostly 0′s: our events are almost always free. Occasionally we have workshops which we run for a modest fee, but we like to keep our events as accessible as possible.

How do I join MTLGG?

Joining the Montreal Girl Geeks is a simple as attending an event or participating in our active online community! Keep up to date on all the events via TwitterFacebook or better yet, subscribe to our RSS. When you see an event announced that you’re interested in attending, simply register via the links provided. If you miss one, we'll be back the following month with more so come by when you can!

Where’s my dinner?

Some Girl Geek chapters across the world rock their events over dinner. We've found over the years that speakers usually require projectors, screens, microphones and sometimes our events are hands-on workshops. None of which is particularly conducive to a restaurant setting.

We put a call out to the group asking what they thought, and no one seemed to feel strongly about it, so we opted out of the dinner format.

That being said, we almost always go for drinks, food and networking after our talks, and when possible events are still held at bars and restaurants. We geek out before we wine & dine ;)

So I’m a guy… can I attend MTLGG events?

We can all get behind the MTLGG mandate to help women in tech, so our events are open to everyone! We have a stalwart contingent of Girl Geek Guys who support us and our members at our events and in the greater community. If you see an event that interests you, register and come by!