The Team

Liesl Barrell

Liesl Barrell

Executive Director

Liesl Barrell helms digital projects of all shapes and sizes. She loves thinking, talking and writing about just about all things internetz as Sr. Business Development Manager at Unbounce.

She contributes a monthly column to The Charlebois Post and organizes Montreal Girl Geeks events. Stalk away on Twitter, LinkedIn, or her oft-neglected but whimsical blog.


Sandy Sidhu

Public Relations & Communications Director

Sandy’s interest and tech beginnings began at the tender age of 5 when her Dad first brought home a computer (instead of the puppy she actually wanted). She went on to study software engineering and has worked at high-tech firms in roles from developer to product management to marketing. You can find her tweeting as herself and blogging her thoughts on tech & the social web.


Leann Brown

Community Director

Our resident Geordie! Leann Brown coordinates the Mentorship Program at YES Montreal.

Leann has worked to develop initiatives and events to attract women to tech fields and advance those already in STEM roles. This work includes the YES Women in Tech Project, The Human Library, and the ‘Advancing Women in STEM through Mentorship’ initiative.

Our Foremothers

Tanya McGinnity


Tanya McGinnity, Chief Executive Girl Geek from 2007-2010. I’ve adored technology from the moment the ultrasound hit my momma’s belly. I’m a digital project manager who loves punk rock music, video games & comic books. Look out honey ’cause I’m using technology.




Alexandra Dao

Organizer October 2010 to April 2011

Alex is a startup community manager and in her free time she spends too much time on the internet; tweets; and geeks out about internet memes, time lapse videos, tilt shifting, and cute stuff from Japan on her tumblr.


georgiana-laudiGeorgiana Laudi

President May 2010 to May 2012

Georgiana Laudi is a Web Marketing Consultant & Community Manager. She’s been in a love-affair with the Web for over a decade, and with an unnatural obsession for SEO, local & social.

Tweets as @ggiiaa, connects on LinkedIn and randomly posts on tumblr too.