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September 5th, 2011

Gen INC. is a web channel for young girls and women who are independent, fun loving, curious, amusing and smart demanding consumers. A tech savvy generation, the channel is a subtle blend of magazine, live show, fiction, discussion board and events. Audience participation is encouraged through and via the Gen INC. web site, events and live audience episodes.  Gen INC. will also make use of social networking tools such as Twitter to have critical up to the minute reach.

Gen INC. is hosted by Genevieve L’Esperance, a Microsoft Certified Professional from the age of 15, and now an Microsoft MCTS at 16.  In its inaugural run Genevieve showcases the latest in the world of technology as well as the challenges of student life with the often difficult one of choosing a career path and aims to showcase what doors that the world of technology can open in an unexpected, sensible, intelligent and fun exciting format.

Gen INC. will also reach out to girls to discuss important topics such as social etiquette on the internet, how to stay safe and ways they can help their peers and themselves through the rocky road that is adolescence.

Educators and schools are encouraged to engage with us and highlight their programs, students and staff that have interesting and fun stories about their technology projects, programs and the people behind them. .

This is the first in the development of an IPTV Network that will introduce original content aimed at the growing youth internet market.   Channels already in pre-production are Gen Fit and Gen Fashion and Gen Community.

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